Team Coaching & Development

Are you tired of wondering how to get your team members to all row in the same direction? Are you ready to move your team to a higher level of performance and productivity? 

Here's what your team will learn as a result of our team development and coaching. How to:

Agree on rules of engagement for streamlined team processes
Get crystal clear about where you want to go and how to get there
Build trust in natural easy ways
Communicate in ways that foster respect and eliminate re-work and re-visiting decisions
Develop "roving leadership" so that the talents of every member are leveraged at the appropriate time
Use the five keys to every team's success to get results fast
“Rebecca helped us break down some long standing barriers and begin the process of trusting each other more. We also learned a lot about each others’ strengths and work styles and have learned how to really leverage the talents we have.
— Richard Wurster, EVP PinnacleOne