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What’s the one thing that when mastered would make a huge difference in your quality of life, productivity, relationships, well-being, and overall fulfillment?

Based on the latest findings from neuroscience research, this guided journal is the basis of our proven program for making permanent change step-by-step over the course of 100 days. This program can be done on your own or with the assistance and support of our coaching.

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Some possible areas of meaningful change might be:

Relationships - Strengthening your valued relationships with significant other, family, friends, or co-workers is one of the most high-leverage ways to significantly increase your quality of life.

Career - Moving to the next level of performance and satisfaction in any aspect of your career, e.g., time management, productivity, team effectiveness, career advancement or leadership is achievable with this program.  

Financial - If you've been struggling with debt management, retirement planning, overspending, or generating enough income, mastering this area will provide a significant improvement in your overall well-being.

Physical/Mental Well-being - Working on mastery of these areas enables you to be healthy and energetic enough to do what you want to do every day and flourish mentally and emotionally.

Community - Feeling a part of the community where you live; using your strengths and interests in ways that make a difference to others, builds a sense of connection and significance in your life.

Personal Growth/Spirituality -Having a sense of inner purpose and peace comes from deepening your understanding of yourself and your relationship with others. Master this area to live purposefully and move toward your personal mission/vision.

Praise for the 100 Mile Journey

The 100 Mile Journey helped me get started on a project that I had put off for years. After I got started, my sense of accomplishment kept me going. I love the morning focus time. It helped me acquire the tools I needed to get my “Next Big Thing” done, and I learned so much about myself. Best of all, the skills I learned from this program have helped me in all aspects of my life.
— Diana Wilson, Community Leader
My intention, when I started The 100 Mile Journey, was to change some nasty habits I had gotten into. I felt the need to reestablish an image of myself that I felt had been lost over the past three years. What I found, as I progressed through the weeks, was that my vision changed completely. The goals that seemed paramount at the beginning became secondary. This journey has been a real eye opener into self-awareness. I would recommend it to anyone thinking that they have one aspect of their life that they need to change. You may be surprised what you find out when you dig a little deeper.
— Lisa Remley, Surgical Nurse
I really enjoyed this coaching experience. The 100 Mile Journey workbook helped me with focus and understanding my true goals. Originally my goal was so daunting, but after the coaching it was corralled into something achievable. The group environment gave me great accountability and my own cheering section. Thank you, Rebecca. This was truly a blessing.
— Donna Cronce, Entrepreneur
Of special value to me was the fact that The 100 Mile Journey gave me “permission” to just take small, manageable, daily steps towards my goal. With the weekly group check-in, and Rebecca’s thoughtful coaching, I learned from everyone’s journey, not just my own. I have made definite progress in my journey, but perhaps more importantly, I have been feeling happier at heart, more energetic and more able to handle life’s challenges by focusing on what I’ve chosen for these 100 days and letting much of the rest go.
— Pat Lesko, Scientist