Coaching Training

Our two and three-day Partnership Coaching® workshops provide you with a proven training program to equip managers with the skill and confidence they need to develop their direct reports and team members. As a result of completing one of our innovative, interactive and customized workshops, your managers will be able to:

Ask effective questions to help others think for themselves , moving them toward their goals.

Use the GROW model of coaching to help team members and others solve their own problems and make their own decisions.

Develop talent from within the organization by enabling team members to move to new levels of productivity and growth rapidly.

Effectively deliver feedback necessary for others to know how they are doing and make mid-course corrections.

Other training programs fall short because they are a one-time event and people rarely remember more than 10% of what they heard after even one week. Our training program succeeds because managers select learning partners before leaving the workshop. In pairs, graduates coach each other over time and support each other in integrating what they learned. In addition, we offer follow-up one-on-one integration coaching in three one-hour sessions.


What Recent Graduates are saying about Partnership Coaching Workshops:

This is the most user friendly tool I’ve ever found.
I feel certain that I can coach others with skill when I get back to the office tomorrow.