Executive Coaching + Leadership Development

Are you ready to move to the next level of learning, performance, and enjoyment in your career and life? 

Since 1988, hundreds of mid to senior level managers and professionals have experienced our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development program. The results they have experienced have helped them advance their careers, become more effective leaders, and gain more influence in their organizations.

If you are like most executives you are successful in many aspects of your business, but find that there are a few ways that you consistently shoot yourself in the foot. You may be a poor planner who isn't strategic enough in your thinking. You may be great at analysis and details, but miss opportunities for really listening to people and building important relationships.

We help executives get a really clear picture of ways they are limiting their own success and, just as importantly, help them identify their significant strengths and how to leverage them.

Executives find the following benefits from having the experience of Partnership Coaching:

Clarity of direction--You will know where you're going and how to get there.

Ability to build social capital and connect with others--You can navigate the political rapids and form key alliances to increase your circle of influence.

Dramatically increased self awareness--You will know what your best self behaviors are, what triggers your stress behaviors and how to avoid being triggered.

Ability to focus on what matters--You will stop being in a reactive stance and make conscious choices about the best most productive places to focus your attention--both at work and at home

Effectiveness in galvanizing teams toward a shared vision--You will be able to improve the level of trust, communication, and collaboration within your team members and create a natural pull toward a common goal.

Time/priority management--You will learn to manage information fatigue and overload and streamline your daily work processes.

Personal Mastery--You will gain the ability to consistently create the results you want in any domain of life.

An overall sense of purpose and fulfillment--You will learn to make choices in every moment that help you make a better life, not just a living.

Rebecca helped me focus on what really mattered and together we created a no-fail system for achieving my goals, both in business and my personal life. The best part was that I really enjoyed the process and have learned how to coach myself.
— Charles Alday, Director of Organizational Excellence for Colonial Pipeline Company
I had no idea that being like-able was a significant strength of mine- I simply took it for granted. Through Partnership Coaching I was able to leverage that talent and build the relationships that enabled me to become the director of the Hong Kong Convention Center - a lifelong dream.
— Cliff Wallace