Keynotes & Presentations

Learn practical and usable tools to apply immediately

Any of our keynotes can also be delivered as workshops and customized for your specific needs. We will be happy to customize any of our presentations or workshops for your group, the time available, and the message you want your audience to hear.

The Five Mistakes on the Road to Success and How to Avoid Them

In this inspiring talk/seminar the audience will learn how to avoid the detours and potholes on the road to success by learning to focus:

  • F = Focus on what matters most-not what matters least
  • O = Measure success not by outside measurements, but inside ones
  • C = Don't ignore your core (values, beliefs, principles)
  • U = Listen to your "un's"--unhappy, unhealthy, unfulfilled
  • S = Find ways to serve others in ways that are meaningful to you

Coaching: The Essential Leadership Tool

In a delightfully creative and humorous way, this presentation shows that the best leaders are great coaches. The audience will learn:

  • The WIFFM of coaching for leaders
  • The easiest coaching model on the planet
  • How to coach in real time as part of real work
  • Feedback--Is it edible?

The Power of Partnering for Breakthrough Results

This content rich speech is about mastering the art of partnership, enabling participants to:

  • Communicate for connection
  • Stop, look, and listen for learning
  • Shift from push to pull
  • Use Conversational Intelligence
  • Co-create for results

The Communication Paradox: From Toxic Harmony to Robust Synergy

In this power packed presentation audiences will increase their capacity to collaborate, create, and relate by learning and practicing:

  • Tools for creating relationships based on trust and respect
  • The antidote to being "nice" = truth told well
  • How to get the skill-how to get the will
  • The magic of conflict

The Purpose and Vision Toolkit

Why are you here? What do you want to create? Answering these two fundamental questions is easier than you think. We show your audience how to:

  • Find your purpose in your past
  • Find the life you want in your future
  • Discover the power of alignment in your core elements
  • Unleash the hidden energy you need to get "unstuck"

Teamworks: The Seven Secrets of a Winning Team

Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni, we take your team two steps further by identifying the hidden secrets of a winning team? This presentation/workshop shows you how to get any team to work better together by:

  • Moving the needle on the trust meter
  • Developing a no-fail system for accountability
  • Gaining commitment to team decisions 100% of the time
  • Putting team results before individual agendas
  • Addressing the essential communications necessary at every level
  • Instituting "roving leadership," so that all members lead when appropriate